Name Description
ArcGIS Pro Extensive tutorials how to ArcGIS Pro, that will eventually completly replace ArcMAP

Educational Resources

Name Description
NASA Landsat Education Resources involving Landsat data for students, teachers, and educators
Introduction to Rasters A basic introduction to the raster image format
What is GIS Introduction to GIS
LandSpotting Smartphone games where users classify real-world remote sensing data for researchers
Mercator Puzzle A game that helps users understand the distortion caused by the Mercator projection
ScienceNews: Nature's Coast Guards An article on using remote sensing to detect barrier island erosion. Useful because it links a real-world problem with remote sensing
USGS Science in Your State (Michigan) Portal to all USGS projects currently happening in Michigan, many of which are GIS/remote sensing-related
Climate.gov: The CLEAN Collection A database of teaching resources and articles, curated by NOAA scientists
Google Earth Free simulator of the earth that provides basic satellite imagery and geographic information
ImageSwipe Command-line tool allowing the user to compare two images by "swiping" across the top image. Additional information can be found by clicking here.
OssimPlanet Free, open-source alternative to Google Earth
ImageLinker Simple GUI that allows the user to view and analyze GIS data. Pairs well with OssimPlanet
Quantum GIS Free, open-source alternative to ArcGIS
JPL Radar Science and Engineering Information on radar and remote sensing developments from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Data and Imagery

Name Description
Michigan GIS Open Data Archive of geospatial data related to or created by the State of Michigan
NOAA Great Lakes Ice Atlas Digitized ice charts of several decades of Great Lakes ice cover
USGS EarthExplorer Portal for worldwide imagery from wide variety of satellites/sensors
EarthNow Landsat Image Viewer Real-time streaming of Landsat 8 satellite imagery as it orbits over Earth
EOSDIS Archive of satellite data and prepared products that relate to earth science
EarthData Search Search tool for EOSDIS archive when Reverb retires
EROS Landsat State Mosaics Pre-built easy-to-use imagery for each state
Global Visualization Viewer (GLOVIS) Portal for worldwide imagery from wide variety of satellites/sensors
LAADS DAAC Archive of atmospheric data from various sensors
NASA World Wind Archive of atmospheric data from various sensors
NASA AVIRIS Data Portal for data from the AVIRIS sensor
Consortium for Spatial Information Data and resources for organizations using spatial information to reduce poverty/hunger
NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway Collection of data portals and datasets, curated by the USDA National Resource Conservation Service
Global Land Cover Facility Collection of data products focused on land cover and land use change
Michigan Tech Coastal Wetlands Land Cover Map Michigan Tech in-browser map and repository of wetland land cover data
NASA Land Process DAAC Archive of raw and "built" data of land processes and weather events
MSU Aerial Imagery Archive Michigan State University archive for remote sensing/GIS imagery of Michigan
Modis Today Repository of MODIS imagery, updated in near-realtime
USGS Hazards Data Distribution System Similar to EarthExplorer, but focused on natural hazards
NASA/USGS WELD Pre-built easy-to-use mosaics of continental U.S. based on year, month, and/or season
National Ice Center Files and data products for snow and ice analysis in Arctic, Antarctic, and inland waters
OpenStreetMap Extracts from the OpenStreetMap street data
The National Map Data from the National Map collaborative project via USGS and other federal/state/local departments
UWM SSEC Data and Imagery Collection of images, data, and in-browser maps organized and curated by the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Conferences and Journals

Name Description
IMAGIN Conference Gathering of GIS professionals dedicated to improving access to geospatial technologies in Michigan
ASPRS Eastern Great Lakes Region Conference for photogrammetry and remote sensing experts based in the eastern Great Lakes
ASPRS Western Great Lakes Region Conference for photogrammetry and remote sensing experts based in the western Great Lakes
Remote Sensing of Environment A journal for interdisciplinary papers on all types of remote sensing
International Journal of Remote Sensing A journal that publishes international papers on the theory, science, and technology of remote sensing
Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Publishes papers on new research, technological developments, and applications regarding remote sensing, photogrammetry, and GIS